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Rebecca C Wilcox Coaching

Time Hack Fast Track Accelerator Program

Achieve Your Desired Goals With Ease, While Unlocking MORE Time For Your Family And Life!

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Momentum Ignited!

Let me tell you some things that will be happening for you by the end of this program:

🗝️You will start each day excited!

🗝️Your confidence will be on fire!

🗝️Your vision will be crystal clear!

🗝️You will find more time in your day!

🗝️You will set your goals and keep them!

🗝️You will see that by taking tiny actions it will make big impacts for your success!


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Achieve Your Desired Goals with Ease

While Unlocking MORE Time for Family and Life in 8 Weeks or Less

Program Deliverables: 


  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Rebecca C Wilcox

  • Facebook Group to connect with like-minded women

  • Motivational affirmations texted for positive enrichment delivered Monday - Friday weekly 

  • Goal setting for accountability and growth

  • 3 - 1:1 10-Minute Emergency Calls to answer ANY questions to keep you moving forward 

  • A-Z Videos to Increase Your Time Freedom and Peace of Mind FAST


  • 1:1 Ignite Your Success Call with Rebecca

  • 1:1 Customized Work Schedule Audit Call with Rebecca

  • Self-Care Bootcamp with Videos and Action Plan

  • Action Guides with tiny but powerful strategies

  • Ways to Make your Clients fall in love with you.

  • Ways to Grow your Business as well as take care of yourself and create new, productive habits

  • Destress Your Business videos and Action Plan

  • Rock Star Email Templates so that you have a ready reference for prospects, customers, affiliates, etc

  • Radical Shift: Flip the Switch on Your Limiting Belief + Tap Into Your Divine Purpose masterclass video and playbook

  • Ignite Your Vision Journal broken down into intellectual, spiritual, family, house & home, friendships & social life, romantic relationships, health & fitness, adventures & experiences, business & career, and finances; God's whispering words

  • Running a business while taking care of your family is like juggling a dozen flaming torches – it's a constant balancing act.

    But here's the shocking truth: Many of you are neglecting the most crucial aspect of your success, your well-being.

    It's time to address every facet of your life, all at once.

    Imagine this: You're putting in countless hours into your business, but your goals remain elusive, and patience is running thin.

    Or perhaps, you've been determined with your business, but you constantly feel like you're falling short of your own expectations.

    And let's not even talk about managing stress while keeping family life intact.

    It's a constant struggle, right?

    These unmet goals and unfulfilled promises to yourself are steering you towards a future you never signed up for.

    Complacency, habits, and that nagging voice saying you don't deserve better have been silently sabotaging your progress.

    To make matters worse, you know those dreams and visions you had for yourself and your life?

    They're fading away, slipping through your fingers, and you might never get to see your full potential.

    But, hold on!

    There's a lifeline, and it's called the "Time Hack Fast Track - Achieve Your Desired Goals With Ease, While Unlocking MORE Time For Your Family And Life!" program.

    It is an easy done-for-you 8-pillar program designed for the busy mom like you.

    Through our unique Animo Process - Accountability, Navigate, Intentions, Momentum, and Overcome - we'll help you:

    - Set clear goals and stay accountable to them

    - Navigate the maze of mompreneurship with expert guidance

    - Set intentions that align with your purpose

    - Gain the momentum you need to thrive

    - Overcome challenges that have held you back

    I've spent years coaching dedicated mompreneurs just like you, helping them regain their balance, boost their productivity, and find that elusive harmony between business and family life.

    Don't just take my word for it.

    Hear from moms just like you who have transformed their lives through this coaching with me.

    Check out just a few of the testimonials below.

    Above, you will find the deliverables when you enroll in the "Time Hack Fast Track" program, and you will find I always overdeliver throughout the program!

    And because I'm passionate about your transformation, I'm throwing in some fantastic bonuses to get you started on the right foot that you can see above as well.

    If you're ready to transform your life, regain your time, and achieve your goals without sacrificing your family, it's time to take action.

    Join the "Time Hack Fast Track" program today, and let's embark on this life-changing journey together.

    Your dreams are waiting; it's time to make them a reality.

    Don't wait—Enroll Now!


    What You Can Expect!

    "If you want to succeed, focus on changing yourself not others" #BeckyBite

    • You will have the clarity of what you want your goals to be

    • You will have the confidence by the consistent daily actions to reach those goals

    • You will have the determination that by sticking with your daily success steps, you can continue to create the life and business you are wanting for yourself

    • You will have created success habits for a more authentic life

    • You will have found your voice to ask for the help you need, share with others the value that is in you and create boundaries to protect the integrity of you and your life

    • You will have the courage for that relationship, home life, business venture that lights you up as you begin to expect greater things for yourself

    • You will have a plan for self-care, assets for growing an online presence and fast content starters

    • Build your legacy and attain your goals

    Next Program Starts Tomorrow.

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    About the coach

    Rebecca Wilcox

    Rebecca Wilcox, a Results Coach, empowers faith-filled women navigating significant changes, guiding them to embrace new chapters with clarity and confidence.

    With expertise in coaching through diverse life transitions, such as divorce, career shifts, moves, motherhood, and retirement, Rebecca helps her clients make difficult decisions on uncharted paths.

    Through her coaching, women gain authenticity and achieve beyond their wildest dreams. An accomplished speaker on virtual summits and a prolific creator of #BeckyBite videos, and #1 Best Selling Author of her book 'Get What You Want - The Three Keys for Creating Your Thriving Business and Life', Rebecca's wisdom on consistent habits for empowered living has touched countless lives.

    Married since 1998, mother to 3 including a bonus daughter, and a proud "Nonna" to seven grandchildren, she currently accepts coaching clients in her Courageous Living program.

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